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Larussa, blowhard fans running Pujols out of town

Posted on: May 23, 2010 10:48 am
 I just read a thread hearing multiple Card fans cry about Albert Pujols "lack" of production.  Really?  Dude is hitting over .300 with a bunch of RBI and decent homer numbers!!!  He is right there now and he will have his usual outstanding numbers by the end of the year.  Its halarious when moron fans from other teams rip Pujols and say he is not going to hit year after year, but when the Cardinal fans do the same crap and turn on a guy who has been an oustanding representative of your franchise and has given you a RING!!!!  You need to be ashamed of yourselves.

But thats ok, your manager is the grand pubah of the association you created to run Albert Pujols out of town.  He pulls a future hall of famer because he was 0-4.  To top that off when the best hitter in the game is at the plate he sends a Ryan Ludwick who runs like he has a fridge on his back to steal second and take the bat right out of Pujols hands.  WOW!!!!!!!!!

Mark my words card fans, Albert Pujols will not be back in St. Louis not because the club management does not want him back, it will be because of YOU!!!  The same roundmouths who are ranting about his "lack" of production will be crying in the streets calling Albert Pujols a trader.  Remember your words when he leaves, and remember Tony LaRussa's actions when he finishes his quest of RUNNING THIS TEAM INTO THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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