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Larussa, blowhard fans running Pujols out of town

 I just read a thread hearing multiple Card fans cry about Albert Pujols "lack" of production.  Really?  Dude is hitting over .300 with a bunch of RBI and decent homer numbers!!!  He is right there now and he will have his usual outstanding numbers by the end of the year.  Its halarious when moron fans from other teams rip Pujols and say he is not going to hit year after year, but when the Cardinal fans do the same crap and turn on a guy who has been an oustanding representative of your franchise and has given you a RING!!!!  You need to be ashamed of yourselves.

But thats ok, your manager is the grand pubah of the association you created to run Albert Pujols out of town.  He pulls a future hall of famer because he was 0-4.  To top that off when the best hitter in the game is at the plate he sends a Ryan Ludwick who runs like he has a fridge on his back to steal second and take the bat right out of Pujols hands.  WOW!!!!!!!!!

Mark my words card fans, Albert Pujols will not be back in St. Louis not because the club management does not want him back, it will be because of YOU!!!  The same roundmouths who are ranting about his "lack" of production will be crying in the streets calling Albert Pujols a trader.  Remember your words when he leaves, and remember Tony LaRussa's actions when he finishes his quest of RUNNING THIS TEAM INTO THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: June 13, 2008 7:12 pm

JC and the Meth Lab Continued

This blog is a continuance from the previous entry.

Once DFACS showed up to take JC away.  The parties that were remaining at the house are as follows,

  • JC's Mother who was a meth cook.
  • Mothers Boyfriend "meth cook"
  • Two Friends of the the two above
  • Grannie "It was in her home where the meth was being produced, where JC lived and slept beside the Meth Labs"

When I watched the toddler JC being taken away by DFACS, I was very "frustrated" to say the least at the remaining parties.  I began to "explain" to JC's mom, boyfriend and the two other friends who were already handcuffed the length of time in prison that they could expect from the deeds that they were responsible for.  I also explained to "mom" that my job sometimes has little life bonuses that I enjoy very much, one of which was that I was going to gleefully charge her with Cruelty to Children, Reckless Endagerment of a child, and "multitudes" of other felonies. 

I also took great joy in calling one of the friends who was present wife, she had no idea that he was a meth cook.  He said it was more like a hobby when I asked him.  The both cried like little girls when I advised the both of them that the government was going to file seizure on there vehicle that he drove over there with.  This friend showed no emotion when the child he was poisoning with his "hobby" was hauled away to a foster home.  But yet he got emotional over HIS CAR!!!!  I assure you I advised him "in so many kind adjectives" what I thought about his reaction.

Once I finished the "conversations" with these individuals I noticed Grannie was sitting on the tail gate of a truck.  She was having conversations with the now rather large crowd of on lookers and neighbors who have gathered around the crime scene parimeter.  She was saying things like "she cant believe her kids were doing things like this and how she could not control them.  She was still wearing the robe, nightgown thing with slippers that you would picture most Grannies in.  The most glaring thing that I thought was missing from her ensemble was A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS!!!!!   I angrily ordered the Uniformed Officers present at the scene to place grannie in restrants.  They were suprised by this, I knew both Officers well and they originally thought I was kidding.  Who would have thought that we were going to be taking a 70 to 80 something year old to jail for Manufacturing Meth???  I think both Officers saw the fire in my eyes when I said it again, they then placed the silver bracelets on her wrists, behind her back just like the rest of them!!!!  Right in front of the large crowd of on lookers.

She began crying hysterically like she was an actual victim.  She began saying she had never been in trouble in her life, not even a speeding ticket, and that she had not made any drugs and knew nothing about it.  The crowd looked angrily at me as the officers restrained her. 

I then began to explain in an equally as loud voice to grannie with the large crowd who just happened to be listening as to why Grannie was going to jail with the rest of the perps. 

We have been to that house several times looking for JC's mother and her friends.  We had survellance on the house and knew the times they were there and the times they were not.  We would knock on the door wanting to speak with them about the drug activity.  Every time Grannie answered the door.  She would lie and say things like "there not here" or "why are you harrasing them" and just obstruct us ever time we went over there.  She knew at the time when she was lying to us, that we did not have any search or arrest warrants and could do nothing about it.  We had audio and video of the drugs being produced and sold inside the house with Grannie in the same room.  I also threw in for good measure that she certainly had to be aware that a child in her care was "SLEEPING BESIDE A "adjective" METH LAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

So I decided the moment I seen JC crying inside that filthy meth lab, that we would have a "scorched earth" policy with this incident.  EVERBODY WENT TO JAIL, EVERYBODY LOST THERE CAR, I even tried to file seizure on grannies freaking house!!! but did not win that one. 

Alas, if my memory serves me correct, the charges against grannie were dropped.  I think the District Attorney did not want to be seen dragging an old lady in a house gown and those stupid slippers into court.

Grannie may have beat the rap, but she sure as hell did not beat THE RIDE!!!! 

Thanks for reading.   




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Posted on: June 6, 2008 5:42 pm

JC and the Meth Lab

This one incident has stayed with me for many reason the last several years.  This happened several years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. 

One of my job duties require that I investigate Methamphetamine Clandestine Laboratories, or meth labs in short.  I am a certified technicaon in that discipline.  My job when a meth lab is found is to go into the meth-lab, test the air and check its toxicity, break down and make the meth-lab materials safe so the Haz-mat disposal team can haul the stuff away.  Meth labs contain all kinds of nasty crap that a normal person could not believe that others ingest into there body.  They also contain many hazardous substances like ignitable fuels and other extremly explosive material.  They also contain many bio-hazards.  A by product of producing meth is usually a high amount of poisonous gases.  All of these substances contaminate you if you are exposed to them without the proper protective equipment. The nasty gross stuff listed above are always present in meth labs, unfortunatly there was another element that has ALWAYS present in meth-labs according to my expierence with the high number that I have Investigated, and that is young children. 

Many years ago I along with several other Detectives were serving a warrant on a suspected meth lab.  We had word that one of the perpatrators that we have dealt with on several occasions was going to be present in the house.  The suspect had made documented threats that if we ever tried to arrest him again he would not be taken alive and actually threatened to murder a spacific Detective.

We had a "no knock" provision on the search warrant which allows us to enter aggessively into the residence to ensure officer safety. 

We arrived at the search warrant location, made entry into the residence, secured all parties that were present.  Among those present was "JC", a child no more than a toddler.  JC's mother was one of the meth cooks at the residence.  The house belonged to the grand mother and JC mother was one of her daughters.  All parties involved knew that meth was being produced.  I will get to Grannie later. 

The reason why JC is burned into my thoughts forever is that he is to this day quite possibly the most brilliant, well mannered, and bravest child I have ever met.  JC had to see his mother, grandmother,and other immidiate family in hand cuffs.  JC witnessed the police, which to every young child should be the good guys, break down his door with a battering ram. 

JC's sleeping area consisted of a cot on the floor located adjacent to the three meth-labs found at the location.  JC's clothing, which I had to remove from him due to contamination was taken from him.  JC asked if he could have some of the very few toys that were his to take out of the house?  I had to be the one to tell him no because they "were not clean".  JC began to cry. "as I am right now several years later".

I assured JC that he would be safe.  JC wanted to go to his mother.  That was something else that i could not allow.  He asked why he could not.  I did not answer. 

I changed the subject and we began talking about things that most young boys like.  Baseball, cartoons etc...  I was doing this for two reason.  1, to comfort a young boy who had done nothing wrong and who is a true victim of this mess.  2,  Im the one who had to call DFACS to take custody of JC.  Even though I was having a happy conversation with JC I knew DFACS would arrive soon to take him away to a strange place.  I began to think how horrified and frightened he must be inside.

When DFACS arrived, the two young female DFACS agents came to where myself and JC were.  They told him they were going to take for pizza.  They also explained to them that he would have to stay with them for a while.  JC was so brave.  When the two young ladies took him by the hands to take him away he did not recoil.  The took there hands and gave them a hug.  As I watched him walk away, he turned, looked at me and winked saying " I am the luckiest kid in the world"  I took all my professionalism and inner strength not to weep right then. 

I wished I could tell you that everything worked out for JC.  The truth is I dont know.  I never saw him again after that day.  But I can tell you this.  I will never forget him.   JC, where ever you are right now.  I hope you are OK.

I feel better already.  Thanks for reading. 

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First blog entry ever. Wow.

First of all, thank you and welcome to those who might be spending there time reading this.  I must be honest though, this blog is probably more for me than anyone else.  Its kinda nice typing your thoughts and expressions if no one other than you can reflect on them.  I just spent the last two weeks implementing an I.A.F.I.S. database.  That is a computer designed to search and locate suspects using latent fingerprint evidence.  I have had some great success with it the last 6 days.  I have used the device to identify two armed robbery suspects who left there fingerprints on there get away vehicle and articles inside.  Also a burglar from his palm prints that he left on a window he used to enter the house and finally, A suspect we arrested in 2007 gave us a false name, he was arrested again at the end of 2007.  I entered both fingerprint cards he was booked with and both of the fingerprints were the same, the only problem was he used two different names each time he was arrested.  That is giving a false name and obstruction here.  To that person suprise he will have another warrant of arrest taken out on him just for being stupid and lying.  Im sure most of you know it is never a good idea to lie to the police.  It has a way of coming back on you and there is no way to know until the cuffs get put back on you. 

This is my first entry.  I have tons of old case work I will discuss, but I will keep it light the first time. 

Thanks again for coming by, Especially Braves fans.  

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